The word aadhan is sanskrit for a ‘box’ and we seek to make it easier for you To address your infrastructure needs.


We're a social enterprise trying to create impact in the recycled infrastructure space, by recycling old shipping containers into eco-friendly, mobile infrastructure. 

We manufacture buildings which can be sent to any location in the country. These structures are made from shipping containers retired from their tenure at sea, and other environmentally friendly materials, emphasizing a culture of sustainability. 

Our movable buildings eliminate the need to invest in land or immovable infrastructure. They can be simply placed on rented land and operated as an off-the-grid facility anywhere in the country.

We are the only company in India focusing on providing a turnkey solution, which includes design, fabrication, delivery and installation. We’re also the only company treating these containers to make them safe for human habitation, and ensuring that our clients have the option of making their structures eco-friendly, sustainable and completely off-grid.



We're a small team, with a true passion for our work!