Making Aadhan a Green Company

Posted by: Nikhil Dugal

The whole purpose of undertaking this assignment has been to develop an organization that repurposes used material for productive purposes while providing a socially responsible and essential service. I also feel very strongly about building products that are environmentally responsible and encourage the practice of sustainability.

 Typically, the market solely focuses on shipping containers, but we strive to approach all aspects with a socially conscious, sustainable and environmentally approach be it with regards to construction materials. This covers every component of our product, including our building materials and our process. For example it would also include using bamboo to build our unit walls which is an energy efficient, locally sourced and renewable material. Or using OSB for interiors (

Previously, we were planning to use glass wool for insulation whereas it has been shown to possibly increase the risk of cancer in humans (Monograph on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man: Man-Made Mineral Fibres)

Instead, its better to use cellulose insulation which also has a higher R value for insulation and simultaneously requires less energy to produce. Here's a page on green insulation:

Additionally the containers might be coated with insecticides and fungicides on the inside and covered in lead and heavy metal paints on the outside ( so we're the only company in India focusing on treating the containers for this, to make them suitable for human habitation. 

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