Posted by: Nikhil Dugal

We're fascinated by this startup based out of Ahmedabad doing some amazing work on repurposing waste materials.

ReMaterials develops and utilizes innovative materials with the goal of providing superior shelter for slums and villages in the developing world. Their first product, “ModRoof”, is a modular roofing system for slum and village houses in the developing world.  The main component of the roofing system is panels that are custom manufactured from packaging and agriculture waste. To address the challenges of operating in the developing world, ReMaterials designed the roofing system to be modular allowing easy shipment, installation, and replacement of individual panels.  With its fresh and colorful appearance, ModRoof is aesthetically appealing making it a truly aspirational product. Modroof can hold a weight of up to 400lbs, is water proof, has a longer life (~10 years), costs 50-60% less than concrete slab roofs and provides better insulation than any available option. The product is sold at INR 190-200 per sq. ft. as compared to INR 450-500 per sq. ft. for concrete slabs.

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