DDU-GKY Skill training CLASSROOM

Location: Goverdhan, Mathura Uttar Pradesh

Client: Quess Corp. working as a trainer under the Ministry of Rural Development

Date Completed: September 2015

Facility Size: 440 Square feet (Including two bathrooms)

Summary: The DDU-GKY Skill training program under the Ministry of Rural Development poses restrictions on the types of facilities which can be used to train students, including area per student, ceiling height, ventilation space etc. This makes it difficult for agencies conducting training to find appropriate facilities, especially in rural areas. There is the expense agencies have to make on renovating buildings they find, which is a sunk cost once they fulfill their training quota and change locations. 

To help combat this problem, we fabricated a standardized classroom which fits all the conditions of the program and can be sent to any location in the country. 



We piloted an expanding container to minimize transport costs for the client, and used eco-friendly products such as Bamboo-jute composite boards, OSB from renewable forests and eco-friendly waterproofing to build an easily scalable product.